Featured Recipes

Sharing cooking tips and recipes from our chefs and partners. Make the most out of your ingredients and products with these videos. Check back often for updates!

Peking Duck

A Chinese delicacy, Peking duck packaged bundles are available at Sungiven Foods stores for customers to bring home and make with the family!

Ontrue bacon wrapped scallop medallions

A simple and easy way to prepare this delectable dish, featuring a reduced sodium recipe with our Japanese scallops.

Shredded chicken salad with Onetang konjac noodles

A perfect dish to enjoy for the summer, this chicken salad is low calorie and low carbs, while staying refreshing and delicious.

Stir-fry chicken & okra

Made with Sungiven RWA Organic Chicken, this dish is not only quick and easy to make, but a healthy option for your daily meal.

Organic Fuji Apple Chips

Making apple chips at home is an easy way to incorporate organic produce into your diet. Try it out as a work or school snack!

Steamed rice noodles with premium pork rib

A must-try comfort food using any Onetang fresh rice noodles like Chan’s Village Style, flat rice noodles, or thin rice noodles!

Tuna poke bowl

This easy tuna bowl recipe can be substituted with your favourite toppings and is fun to make with the whole family.

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