Our Global Vision

To develop top quality and affordable meals, showcase professionalism, provide community trust, embody its values, and create a platform that builds a better world together.

Sungiven Foods is committed to becoming a world-class high-quality food enterprise.


Our Brands

Sungiven Foods consists of six private labels, including Sungiven, Ontrue, Onetang, Yuho, Sunfreesia, and Sünnbörg.

Our Story

Having launched in the North American market after tremendous success in China, Sungiven Foods is committed to serving Asians of all generations and all customers who love healthy Asian cuisine and cooking.

Sungiven Foods offers a full range of healthy daily foods, with thousands of globally sourced, high-quality, and affordable private-label products — including fresh fruits from around the world, and organic vegetables from Canada and Central America.

This also includes high-quality meat, poultry, eggs, milk, baked goods, fresh pastries, RTE hot and cold foods, as well as rice, noodles, grains, oils, quick-frozen seafood, quick-frozen buns, snacks, beverages, and other healthy options.

New Local Dairy Options

All Sungiven milks come from local high-quality dairy farms

Sungiven Foods Organic Milk 2L

Aside from water, milk is the most daily consumed drink by children. With this to be the case, some parents select organic milk in order to provide the best quality for their child.

In Canada, both regular and organic milk are not permitted to contain any antibiotics or growth hormones. If antibiotics are detected at any stage of production, the entire batch of milk has to be disposed. In addition, Sungiven Foods’ Organic Milk has higher and stricter standards for the source of feed for the cows, the feeding methods, and review process of cows.

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Our Journey So Far

Established in 2001 from Xiamen Sungiven Import & Export Co. Ltd. (referred to as “Sungiven Import & Export”), Sungiven Foods has been actively expanding for 10 years with the vision of becoming a world-class high-quality Asian food service provider, while being heavily involved in international trade. Its business reach around the world includes the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, Southeast Asia, and more than 20 countries.


The story of Sungiven Foods originated from Xiamen Sungiven Import & Export Co. Ltd., which was established in 2001 by entrepreneur couple, Richard and Kathy.


Entering the 10th year of Xiamen Sungiven Import & Export Co. Ltd., the organization had more than 700 partner factories and more than 1,000 product sources in China.

In July, following their stay in Canada — Sungiven Foods’ founders Richard and Kathy introduced the advanced industry concepts, wellness lifestyle, and food safety system they had learnt to their hometown of Xiamen, China. Based on existing local resources and international networks, along with business partners, Sungiven Foods retail enterprise was founded, and began operating community supermarkets to provide healthy daily foods.


Focused on the importance of quality control at its origin source, Sungiven Foods began sourcing all fruits directly from global farms.


Sungiven Foods officially partnered with Xiamen University’s Department of Environment and Ecology, through the establishment of a Food Safety Research and Development Centre — providing food safety inspections on fresh produce, meats, and various other products — while helping to build an internal quality control system.


Having vastly expanded and receiving a respectable number of national awards and recognitions in China, Sungiven Foods refined the brand positioning to “Healthy Daily Meals Provider.”


In October, Sungiven Foods and German Hüpeden Company (a century-old German company) jointly established the Research & Development Center for Private Brand Commodities (Europe) Xiamen Sungiven Foods Holdings Ltd. in Hamburg, Germany, integrating global resources with research and development of private brand products.


In January, the founders of Sungiven Foods leveraged its established commercial foundation and experience in China to bring its organic, healthy, and sustainable community-centered retail format back to Canada, establishing Sungiven Foods Canada Inc. and the Sungiven Foods North America Research & Development Centre.

From 2011 to the end of 2019, Sungiven Foods grew from one store to more than 100 stores in Xiamen, Dalian, Quanzhou, Shenzhen, and other cities in China. Sungiven Foods’ “healthy daily meals provider” concept was widely recognized by customers, resulting in a sustainable business model and retail format.


Additional stores were opened in B.C., including stores in White Rock and Richmond.


By the end of the year, Sungiven Foods had more than 200 stores and more than 3,000 employees worldwide. In Metro Vancouver, Sungiven Foods opened eight locations with plans to expand to 20 stores in Canada, along with a simultaneous expansion into the U.S. market.

As the offline retail channels expand, Sungiven Foods has leveraged its global supply chain resources to further grow wholesale channels and global import and export business, while actively developing the e-commerce platform.


Based on a deep knowledge of cross-regional market demand, the community-focused supermarket chain has created a healthy approach to daily meals, led by sustainable lifestyles and a fusion of Eastern and Western cultures — all while taking the next steps into a new era of Sungiven Foods.

Committed to products that are more natural, less processed, and with fewer additives — for people who care deeply about their food and sustainability.