Sungiven Christmas

Celebrate Christmas with Sungiven Foods

Ready for the holiday season? So are we! Brave the cold and come into Sungiven Foods to warm up — while enjoying what our stores has to offer as we embrace this wonderful time of the year.

Spruced up by Christmas decorations, our stores will be opened with regular hours on Christmas Day — along with Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day.

On Dec. 24, all locations will close at 7 p.m.

Christmas is an eventful time of the year, and we know how hectic things can get. That’s why we’re here and ready to help with everyone’s shopping needs! 

From meal ingredients to drink selections to quality gifts — check out what Sungiven Foods has to offer.

Sungiven’s guide to a wonderful holiday

One of our favourite parts of the holiday season is sharing delicious treats with our loved ones! We’re sure that’s a favourite among the community as well.

Don’t forget to explore Sungiven Foods top selections below:

Ontrue Assorted Almond Nougat

Lindt Teddy Milk Chocolate


These adorable-looking, Christmas-themed cakes are great to bring to a dinner party! Flavours include mousse chocolate, fresh fruits, and more – available in 6” and 8”. 

And of course, the Night Orient Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine makes for an excellent combination with anything sweet or savoury. 

Bring a touch of light into your home

Nothing says Christmas like festive lights and decorations — and we’ve got you covered at Sungiven Foods as well!

Grab Christmas decor to get everyone at home into the holiday spirit.

With plenty of fun Christmas activities to take part in at home — such as exchanging gifts, eating treats, and building gingerbread houses — we hope you have a great time this holiday season.

But wait, there’s more! 

Sungiven Foods is giving our customers an opportunity to see the Northern Lights while enjoying Sungiven hot pot with organic ingredients!

Find out how you can enter the Far North, Up Close Northern Lights Tour Contest happening now through February 15. 

Sungiven Foods continues to serve Metro Vancouver with health and sustainability in mind. Visit your nearest Sungiven Foods store today to find natural ingredients, healthy meals, and unique Asian products for every occasion.

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