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B.C. Spot Prawns season ending soon at Sungiven Foods

What a journey! Our 2022 Sungiven Spot Prawn Season is quickly coming to an end, but don’t miss your chance to get in on the seasonal eats.

We’ve seen such an outburst of enthusiasm since the initial launch on May 6th — with nearly 30,000 pounds sold across our stores.

Sungiven Foods B.C. Spot Prawns

Our team is beyond grateful for the tremendous support we’ve received from our Sungiven Family and the community.

Sungiven Foods B.C Spot Prawns

These freshly-caught, live B.C. spot prawns are packaged in our newly-launched, innovative oxygen bags — preserving maximum freshness and flavour for our customers.

There’s also many ways to enjoy it, as shown by some of the recipes shared by our local community here, and here. We’ve also received some terrific feedback:

Last month, we also had the opportunity to connect with two China national women’s ice hockey members — goalie Kimberly Newell and former player and assistant coach Melanie Jue — while showing them an authentic Sungiven shopping experience, featuring our live B.C. spot prawns.

With United Nations’ World Oceans Day fast approaching, we’re taking some time this week to actively reflect on how we’re blessed with our ocean’s offerings — and we would like to invite you to do the same.

The theme this year is “Revitalization: Collective Action for the Ocean”.

With sustainably and responsibly sourced seafood varieties, we’re constantly working hard to make sure that our fishing practices leave a minimal environmental impact — while bringing you fresh flavours from around the world, much like our B.C. spot prawns.

Visit our Facebook page or Instagram account to check out more spot prawn videos — and make sure to take advantage of the remaining days left by placing your order on our website.

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