Sungiven Foods Spot Prawn

B.C. Spot Prawns are now available at Sungiven Foods across Metro Vancouver

It’s the season we’ve all been waiting for! Get your Sungiven Foods B.C. spot prawns in Vancouver starting today, May 6, until the end of the season in June.

This season, we are taking preorders via our form — with pickup and payment done in-store. After submitting your order, an email confirmation will be sent which you will then show at pickup.

Quantities are limited, prices will vary, and orders can only be made 2 to 4 days in advance.

BC Spot Prawns Sungiven Foods

This year, we’re also introducing the new carrying bags for the spot prawns!

The new Sungiven Foods B.C. spot prawn bags are oxygen-sealed, with an innovative design that promotes better sustainability, freshness, and better handling. This new exclusive packaging is eco-friendly, promotes longer spot prawn freshness, and provides easier transportation.

B.C. Spot Prawns Sungiven Foods

To learn more about B.C. spot prawns, go here.

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