About Our Quality

Whether it’s our Canadian Angus Beef, Berkshire Pork, or Free-Range Chicken, we follow a strict set of criteria on maturity, colour, muscle mass, fat texture and more. Rest assured, you’re getting the finest taste and quality.

Sungiven Meats Products

RWA Beef

Rich in flavour with beautiful marbling and all the essential nutrients, our Canadian RWA 100% Angus Beef are sourced from Beretta Farms and are non-GMO, pasture-raised, and free-range New Zealand Grass Fed Beef.

Free-Range Chicken

Fresh from local B.C. farms, our non-GMO Sungiven Organic Free-Range Chickens and RWA Free-Run Chickens are raised with only natural and nutritional feed formulas, while being able to roam outdoors. Our air-chilled process also helps to maintain their original juicy flavour.

Berkshire Pork

Providing that melt-in-your-mouth tenderness with our own naturally-raised, high quality Sungiven Pork, and authentic, premium Sungiven Berkshire Pork with a growing period of more than 180 days— all from local CQA-certified farms.

Sungiven Milk

From Local Dairy Farms

We bring you healthier and safer organic milk by partnering with a local century-old dairy company to introduce Sungiven Foods’ Organic 2% Milk and Organic 3.25% Whole Milk.

What is MAP Packaging?

All Sungiven Foods meat products are vacuum-sealed by Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), maintaining the highest level of freshness while preventing microbial growth.

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