Sungiven Organic Free Range Eggs

Medium – 12 pieces

  • Organic
  • Grain fed & Antibiotic free

Sungiven Foods eggs come from hens who are able to live freely in and out of the chicken coop — allowing them to roam and graze outdoors in the fresh air, while living a natural and relaxed environment. These free-range chickens provide the free-range eggs that are sold by Sungiven Foods.

Outside of the chicken coop, our free-range hens can roam the pasture while enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. Inside the coop, there are no cages — allowing the hens to rest freely. The farms ensure that the chickens are fed an all-natural, all-vegetarian diet which includes a feeding formula rich in certified organic soybeans, wheat, buckwheat, corn, organic vegetables, and fruits, all without any animal by-products or GMOs. Only eggs with a “Canada Organic” label officially makes it Certified Organic.


  1. What is the difference between Free Run and Free Range?

    Sungiven Foods is not currently selling free-run eggs. Both free run and free range are cage-free. However, free-run hens are raised only inside the chicken coop and are not allowed to walk freely outdoors, while free-range hens can roam freely inside and outside while enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.
  2. Is there a nutritional difference for eggs with different-coloured eggshells?

    There is not much difference when it comes to nutrition and tastes, based on the colour of eggshells. Rather, the colours vary based on the breed, physical condition, feeding product, and weather. At times, even the same batch of eggs come in different colours. The most important element to consider when it comes to the nutritional values of the eggs mainly has to do with how the chickens are fed and raised.

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