Company Update

Sungiven Foods celebrates successful Bridge Festival 2022

Summer is officially here!

Earlier this month, Sungiven Foods was honoured to have partnered with the West Vancouver Bridge Festival as one of the main event sponsors this year.

With more than 20,000 participants — our team was able to connect with our community, kick off summer with fun activities, and share stories about our products and brands.

What an enjoyable experience it was to watch the community at the Bridge Festival explore our Sungiven Market through “My Sungiven Journey”, and all the family-friendly activities — including Sungiven Wiki, Draw Your Own Sun, Origami Zongzi, My Little Wishing Tree, Taste It Love It, Sungiven Ambassador, and especially the much-anticipated Happy Wheel Prize Draw.

Sungiven Foods gave out more than 500 prizes over the two-day event — featuring some of our customer favourites, such as Ontrue Black Truffle Chips, Onetang Freeze-Dried Mangos, Sungiven 100% Pure Blueberry Juice, Sunfreesia Carbonated Natural Mineral Water, and more!

As one of the biggest annual public events in West Vancouver, the Bridge Festival aims to celebrate our diverse community and culture, while raising awareness on natural lifestyle — which aligns perfectly with our vision and mission at Sungiven Foods.

We also had the honour to have reconnected with Mary-Ann Booth, Mayor of West Vancouver — since her last visit to our North and West Vancouver Store — while sharing thoughts on promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Committed to offering products that are more natural, less processed, and with fewer additives — our Sungiven private brands are uniquely designed for people who care deeply about their food, their health, and sustainability.

It’s always a valuable experience for us, to be able to share our passion with our community!

We’re thankful to everyone who came out and joined us, and we look forward to seeing you again soon at our next event!

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Company Update

Sungiven launches Canadian Food Festival in China

With a global vision to serve communities as a world-class food enterprise, Sungiven Foods has been committed to developing private brand products with strict standards since the original establishment in 2011 — as well as sourcing, and delivering premium quality foods for our valued customers.

Sungiven Foods store in China

Utilizing our extensive global supply chain — last month, we successfully launched our very first Canadian Food Festival at all of our locations in four major cities in China — Xiamen, Dalian, Shenzhen, and Quanzhou.

Featuring seafood, Angus beef, Berkshire pork, various fresh produce as well as packaged products, the festival aimed to introduce high quality Canadian products to Chinese customers, while continuing to nurture long term business relationships between the two countries.

Founders of Sungiven Foods, Richard and Kathy, give an introduction at the Canadian Food Festival

Mr. Philippe Rheault, Consul General of the Canadian Consulate General in Guangzhou, along with Cathy Yao, Director of the China Office of British Columbia, sent their well wishes in a video.

Canadian Food Festival

The close relationship between Richmond, British Columbia, and Xiamen originated as early as the 1980s but it was not until 2008, that an exchange agreement was established between the two cities.

Canada Food Festival

On April 27th, 2012, a formal Sister City Agreement was signed — marking the official beginning of many exchanges and cooperations to follow.

It’s been deeply rooted in our mission, to provide our customers with healthy, daily meals that are more natural, less processed, and with fewer additives. And this Canadian Food Festival also showcases the best this country has to offer, to those around the world.

As we continually deliver the best experience for you — we look forward to serving more communities, and connecting with more healthy lifestyle advocates!

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