Pick Blueberries with Sungiven

STAYING LOCAL WITH SUNGIVEN — Join Sungiven Food’s special blueberry picking event to celebrate B.C. Blueberry Day on Saturday, July 16.

Join in the fun now

REGISTRATION IS CLOSED! We have reached our capacity. If you want to update your family size, please email [email protected].


Spend a nice summer day with your family with our special blueberry picking event in the Fraser Valley. Learn more about where Sungiven’s local food comes from, and enjoy what beautiful B.C. has to offer!

There will also be a treasure hunt, coupons, and prizes!

Morning — 10 AM to 1 PM
Afternoon — 1 PM to 4 PM

$1.75 / pound
(In addition to blueberries, there will also be a diverse selection of fresh products, such as peas, green beans, strawberries, and cherries for sale.)

Registration deadline
Wednesday, July 13

The Farm
Located in Abbotsford, Badyal Farm produce the finest sweet corn, fruits and vegetables across the Fraser Valley. Especially the blueberries are full of essential nutrients. This time we could taste the best Duke and Bluecrop Blueberry on the 40 arcs’ farm! All the products are supplied to all major Canadian distributors and expanding into the United States.

For more details about the farm, visit www.badyalfarms.com

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to pack your own water and any supplies for a hot summer day! Your own picking buckets, thin long sleeves clothing and hat are highly recommended.

溫馨提示七月夏日炎炎,請記得攜帶充足的水和藍莓採摘所需用具 (建議攜帶小盆或桶,輕便的長袖衣物,遮陽帽等等)!

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