North and West Vancouver Sungiven

Exploring the North and West Vancouver Sungiven store with the mayor

Did you know that we have 9 locations across Metro Vancouver, including one serving the North and West Vancouver neighbourhoods?

We appreciate any chance to connect with our communities, and share our passion for natural, healthy foods. Last month, we had the honour of welcoming Mary-Ann Booth — Mayor of West Vancouver — to our Sungiven North and West Vancouver store

A true advocate of sustainability and inclusivity, Mayor Mary-Ann Booth enjoyed her Sungiven shopping experience browsing through our fresh produce, while sharing some insights on what our community needs.

We love that this community is so passionate about natural living!

Since opening last summer, our North and West Vancouver store on Marine Drive has been serving the neighbourhood with freshly sourced local and global produce, as well as a diverse range of private brand products.

Sungiven Foods North and West Vancouver Store grand opening

Committed to offering natural, less processed, top quality products while advocating for a healthy lifestyle — our team cares deeply about your food, and sustainability. 

We look forward to helping build more livable communities, as we continue to grow our Sungiven family!

Check out our latest products on our newly-launched website, or browse through our current features.

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Committed to products that are more natural, less processed, and with fewer additives — for people who care deeply about their food and sustainability.