3 reasons why you’ll love the new Sungiven Foods website

The wait is finally over!

As a top-quality Asian supermarket chain dedicated to serving communities with healthy daily meals — Sungiven Foods Canada has launched our brand new website, to continue meeting growth and support in North America.

Sungiven Foods is committed to bringing you healthy meals, everyday.

We cannot wait for you to check out our new website — here are top three reasons why you’ll love this look:

1. Fresh and Clean Design

Starting the journey with a dynamic video showcasing our much beloved global fruits — the new website features a Sunny Spotlight section highlighting current features and recipes — while the story, brands, and people pages reflect the values and history of Sungiven Foods, all through an aesthetically pleasing palette of fresh, vibrant colours.

2. Easy Navigation
Sungiven Foods Private Brands

Browse through our thoughtfully designed pages to find the latest products, current features, store locations, or more information on our Sungiven private brands and career opportunities.

And the navigation is just as smooth and easy on mobile devices — try it out for yourself!

3. Keep Up-To-Date with Sungiven Foods New Features
Sungiven Foods Ready-To-Eat and Ready-To-Heat meals

With features updated regularly and individual product pages to be added soon, this is where our customers will be able to stay connected with us. 

While we continue to work on improving the functionality and delivering the best experience, we welcome and appreciate your valued feedback, perspectives, and ideas. 

Connect with our Customer Service team or Head Office, or stay up-to-date with all our offerings through email newsletters.

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Committed to products that are more natural, less processed, and with fewer additives — for people who care deeply about their food and sustainability.